Chain Conveyor

FALCON systems

While transporting your working material, avoiding degradation and declassification are key factors for assuring the quality of your final product.
FALCON systems are recommended for transporting various powders, foods, and bulk solids such as feed, cereals, pet food, coffee, malt, plastic, and mineral powders while performing in tortuous vertical and horizontal circuits with high capacities and extremely reduced power requests.
The FALCON System uses a chain conveyor with plastic discs molded to the chain at regular intervals. The chain conveyor moves in a high-speed continuous circuit to transport the requested material. In parallel, the chain’s flexibility enables it to be installed in almost any configuration.


  • – Gentle handling of the transported material.
  • – Dust-free application.
  • – Reliable and robust structure.
  • – Modular design that assists in long-term maintenance and part replacement.
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