Truck Weighing Scales Platform

Truck Weighing Scales Platform

For the control of the product flow inside and outside of your production plant, is mandatory to deploy a weighing scales platform which is used to weight loads.


  • – Weighing loads from 30 to 100 Tonnes.
  • – Platform length 6-18m, width 3.6m.
  • – Reliable weighing system, which consists of 4-6-8 heavy duty load cells and can be connected to your current computer system. Also, it can be connected to a display screen and a data printer.
  • – Providing metal tubes for wiring throughout the platform
  • – Made entirely of carbon mild steel, that are sandblasted, coated and painted for long lasting protection.
  • – Robust structure with supports throughout its length and width of the platform.
  • – Easy access to every component.
  • – Design and manufacturing provisions have been taken in order to enhance installation and prevent truck tipping.
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