Design and Manufacturing

Design Modelling

As technology advances, the methods of product visualization are evolving alongside the ability of choosing the right tools to manufacture it with cost-efficient and accurate results.

In MTE, we utilize advanced 3d modelling applications that aim to define the technical implementation of your requirements and specifications in consideration of the behavior its structural integrity under certain loads and specific weather circumstances. For further details, please discuss with us the idea of your product.

Design and Manufacturing

With a well-equipped production factory, our team of specialists which is composed of experienced technicians and engineers, offers tailor-made solutions that matches our customer requirements not only for the Sheet Metal fabrication sector but also for Steel support structures as well.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

With modern and capable manufacturing equipment, and the great sensitivity towards innovation, we provide sheet metal cutting and formation services for both short and long run production scale.

Design and Manufacturing
CNC Plasma Cutter
- Cutting surfaces up to 4x2m on single-sheet.
- Work materials: Ferrous steel: 1-20mm, Stainless steel:1-12mm.
Design and Manufacturing
Press Break
- Bending sheets up to 4m in length and 1-6mm thick.
- Bending angle from 1-90 degrees
- Hem bending 90-180 degrees available only for long run production scale.
Steel Plate Roller
Rolling sheets up to 2.5m in length and 1-6mm thick.

Steel Support Structures

We manufacture durable and robust steel structures, that will efficiently fit the required purpose, while also providing in request transportation and installation services at your place.